Hento Toto x Dedoles

Dedoles comes with a unique limited collection of socks. They were created in collaboration with HENTO TOTO, an inclusive creative brand that brings together skilled artists with intellectual disabilities with professional graphic artists, designers and illustrators.

"People with intellectual disabilities would often like to work, but they don't always have the opportunity and get it. I am pleased that through our collaboration with the HENTO TOTO brand we have been able to support a unique concept of work integration that can be an inspiration to other organisations," said Jana Hrubcová, Sustainability Manager at Dedoles.

Seven drawers designed the patterns, which were further processed by Dedoles designers, and this limited collection of cheerful socks was created.

About the creative brand Hento Toto

The inclusive creative brand HENTO TOTO represents an innovative model of work integration. It employs people with intellectual disabilities as drawers who work with professional graphic artists, designers and illustrators. It is represented by the association "Bol raz jeden človek", which has been helping people with intellectual disabilities since 2006.



This website has been shut down.

However, you can still purchase Dedoles products from Amazon.de,
delivering to all countries in the European Union, the UK, and the USA.