OPEN FUTURE is an after-school programme for young people aged 11 to 15. It responds to inequalities in children's access to education. Slovakia is one of those countries where we can see a strong influence of the socio-economic background, from which children/students come, on their school performance.

The project includes the creation of innovative clubs where primary school pupils are offered a 3-year high quality programme to develop their business skills, digital and soft skills.

The aim of the programme is to make young people aware of their surroundings, think differently about the world and solve the problems they see around them. It encourages young people to work together on a common project for the community, team-based problem solving and social innovation that participants work on. It empowers them to have a chance for a better future.

The educational content of the programme focuses on the key skills needed for the 21st century, motivates and develops the potential of the participants. The uniquely designed curriculum of the programme is directed towards this goal. The program provides a safe and inclusive environment for the children (provision of meals, longer opening hours, assistance from a community worker and mentors) regardless of their ethnicity or a minority membership.

That is why we decided to support this programme. 😊

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