Helping single-parent families

Single parenthood affects a large part of our society. Single-parent families have long been exposed to social exclusion and the risk of poverty, and the ongoing pandemic has exacerbated their problems. Some parents lost their jobs or stayed at home. But everyone had to take care of the children who stayed at home after the schools closed, without systemic support of society. Many families were in danger of not having the money to cover the costs of housing, so they would easily end up in crisis centres.

There are about 150,000 such families in Slovakia and this problem affects almost 200,000 children. Their childcare and education expenditures absorb more than 20% of household income, which is the highest in the European Union after Cyprus. Therefore, we have decided to support the organization JEDEN RODIČ, which has long been dedicated to single-parent families and provides them with comprehensive professional and humanitarian assistance to alleviate their difficult life situations. In addition to financial support, we have also gifted families with some Dedoles products, to put a smile on kids' faces 😊

Dedoles is full of colourful pieces with all kinds of original motifs that will totally brighten up your day.

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